When To Throw Your To Do List Away

I did it again. Last week I started out strong. Big to do lists, exciting projects to tackle, and the fresh start of a new week I could plow through all my goals.

But somehow in the midst of my excitement, I plowed ahead with good intentions, leaving grace behind.


This photo sums up how I felt. The world rushing around me, telling me I need to do more, when I really needed to stop in the busyness, enjoy God’s grace, and my roles as wife and mama.

Monday’s to do list didn’t quite get finished. Neither did Tuesday’s.

Wilder wasn’t feeling well, and needed extra snuggles. He’s almost 16 months and just started pushing boundaries and needed more loving training.

So my time went to him.


My hubby needed my help with some things, so my time went to him.


But even though I was seeking to do well, I felt like a failure each night as I went to bed with my OWN to do list not quite done.

I felt like a failure because I was basing my identity in how much I accomplished.


But grace says stop.

Grace reminds us of our true identity in Jesus.

Chosen, Beloved, Daughter, Heir… to name a few.  (Ephesians 1 is packed with these amazing truths of who we are, check it out!)

I had to tell myself to stop working for approval.


Sunday night I had an encouraging conversation at church.

I realized I was not only not resting in my identity in Christ, but I was also focusing all my attention on doing tasks with home and work, instead of also cherishing the tasks I have in the roles God has placed me in right now.


My role right now is wife: encourager, server, speaker of truth, lover, best friend.

My role right now is mother: nurturer, server, trainer, lover, speaker of truth, teacher, comforter.

Loving my family is much more important than my to do list.


As a wife, mother, and entrepreneur, you have to juggle alot. But your identity and value is NOT based on how much you accomplish.


If you are in Christ you have the freedom to cling to grace and not condemnation.


Are you trying to earn your worth by how much you achieve?

Are you spending as much time in the tasks associated with your roles right now as you are on your busy to do list?

Rest in who you are in Christ, and His love for you.

Don’t let the busyness of our culture rob you of the joys of your roles right now.

And if your to do list doesn’t get done right now, it’s ok dear friend 🙂


Thank you Jasmine for the photos!

If you don’t know Christ and the freedom & amazing love He offers you, and want to know more, please check out my story and email me, I would love to talk with you!


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