We Made it to Honduras! + A Few Family Photos

After an exciting red eye flight, and layover in San Salvador, we made it to Honduras! We only arrived hours ago, but I already have a few fun memories.  Delicious dinner with our sweet missionary friends, Christy and Mark, and their awesome kids. Walking back over to the house where we’re staying, in the POURING rain thinking it wouldn’t be a big deal (We got soaked. And yes we had a big umbrella. Funny how the combo of wind plus rain makes umbrellas not quite as useful.)

The warm air on our skin, the crash of thunder and streaks of lightning – all while I’m laughing my head off and Lukas is clutching the umbrella tight around us as we try to avoid the growing streams and Wilder is unsure of the whole situation we got him into.

Then lighting the candles in our cute little guest house all prepared for us, and snuggling on the bed in fresh dry clothes listening to the thunder crash in the flicker of the glowing orange light…

I’m so excited for what is ahead. And Lukas and I feel so loved and cared for by all your kind messages and prayers for us – thank you! Please keep leaving us comments and staying in touch! <3

If you missed it, you can read more about what we will be doing here in this blog post 🙂


Wilder was excited to start the adventure 😉 going-to-honduras-01

The stunning Lago de Yojoa we saw on our drive from the airport to Siguatepeque…

Now that we are here, I can’t believe just two weeks ago we were at the Showit United conference in Arizona.  We modeled for one of the shoot outs, and I just HAVE to share some of my favorite images from the shoot! 🙂 Thank you everyone who joined us, fun times!

Thank you Rachel Zee for these images!






Thank you Ann Keen for these images and putting the shoot together!






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