Our Desire to Adopt + Visiting My Little Lambs Orphanage

When I was 12 years old, I lived in a tiny town in the south. Kentucky to be exact. Almost everyone in this town was white. I had never heard of anyone adopting, much less from another country.



But then a neighbor down the street adopted a beautiful little baby girl from China. I remember seeing her, holding her. And I remember thinking, this is awesome!!! This little girl didn’t have a mommy and daddy and now she does!!!

I quickly went home and tried to talk my parents into adopting. My parents, who already had 5 kids, and were in their fifties at that point. Needless to say I didn’t convince them, but that is when God put adoption on my heart.

When  I was 12.

God put adoption on my heart so strongly, that in the same conversation that Lukas asked me to be his girlfriend, I asked him what he thought about adoption. He probably wondered where that came from. “So, what do you think about, you know, us…” He says shyly. And I respond with, “Yeaaa, so what do you think about adoption?” Something like that. Pretty funny when I think about it.

But to me it was a deal breaker.


Three years ago, we almost started the adoption process ourselves from Nicaragua. But then… God led our hearts another way, and soon after, I was pregnant.

I used to always wonder what people meant when they told me they were working on adopting.

But now I know.

It’s such a complicated process. Where you and your family are in life, the house you live in, your age and health, there are so many factors to take into account to get the process going. There are so many decisions to make before you even technically START the process.

Lukas and I are in our own journey right now hoping to start the adoption process this year. We are still praying about whether it will be from the states or another country. But we are so excited and are trusting God to lead us.

Which brings me to…

I have always wanted to visit an orphanage… to have the opportunity to just love on the kids, love on the ones who have been left, who have been hurt, to show them in just some small way that they are seen, that they are important. That they are loved.

So last week was a big deal.

I finally got to visit an orphanage that I have been praying for for months. My Little Lambs, in Siguatepeque, Honduras. You can check out their website here.



I walked up to the abandoned gate with a friend, and her kiddo started shouting out. A few minutes later, the kids started running up to us, so excited to see us. They wanted hugs, they wanted to play ball, they wanted to hold my hand. These 10 precious kiddos who just need alot of love, and need to know about God’s love.



It breaks my heart to think that these kids don’t have parents. No hugs and kisses from mom and dad. No tucking into bed at night. Most of these kids have suffered from physical or sexual abuse. Most of these kids arrived at the orphanage only with the ragged clothes on their back, scared, confused.

I look at them, and I think about how God loved us even when we were orphans, alienated from Him because of sin. How He adopts us into His kingdom through His Son Jesus.

How He made a way for us to be a part of His family.

And it makes me rejoice in my own adoption into God’s family. And it also makes me want these kids to know how much God loves them.


Marcus and his wife Martha have been with the kids on site for 6 years. I am so thankful for their faithful ministry. 



They seriously cracked me up!


This kitchen was just built by a missions team. It is so much better for the kids and their needs! Bigger, more functional.

The Living Room, two flat couches. A friend just brought in a home made ping pong table the kids quickly moved into this space!!

The Boys room. Beds lined up in a row.

The Girls room.

Sadly, almost all the swings and tee totter are broken now, but that doesn’t keep the kids from having a great time!

Each kiddo had such a sweet personality. I can’t wait to go back.






One of their favorite games!



Would you commit to pray for the kids of My Little Lambs Orphanage? Pray they get to hear the gospel and would know the Lord. Pray that their physical needs are met. Pray for parents for them. Pray the adoption process in Honduras would get easier for them.

If you feel led to donate money, they have a Youcaring account set up here. If you would like to help in some other way, please shoot me an email! (contact info in the speaking tab)



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  1. this is beautiful. I have felt the Lord calling me to adopt since I was 12 as well!! Right now, I feel as if he is keeping us as mentors to all of the teenagers we minister to each week, but my heart is still open and if the right situation arose, my husband and I would definitely be interested!
    Praying for these beautiful children.

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