Top Book You Should Read Right Now: A Praying Life by Paul Miller

Do you want to grow in prayer?

Do you want to have more intimacy with God?

Do you want to have more confidence in how to pray?

Then you would be blessed by this book. I have read a few books on prayer and this is by far one of my favorites.
A_Praying_Life_Paul_Miller_Review_Suzy_VanDyke-001I started to write a basic overview of the book for the blog, but then I realized that when people recommend a book to me, I only want to know one thing. How has this book practically changed that person’s life?

So right now I’m simply going to share with you why I recommend this book to you, because it has truly changed my life.

Three things I walked away from this book learning how to do:

1. I learned to pray continually

I learned to practically have a conversation with God throughout the day. This has grown my joy tremendously! It has also helped me see my own inadequacy and how much I depend on God for His grace moment by moment.

2. I learned to bring the real me to God

Have you ever sat down to pray, but a few seconds in you feel guilty because you don’t feel like you’re praying “right”? Or have you started praying only to have your mind wander to something else, which then shows you how worldly you really are, so then you feel guilty again and don’t know if you should spend the rest of the time asking God’s forgiveness or keep on praying – only to get distracted again? I learned how to view this when it comes up in my prayer life, how to get around it, and how to keep praying, with joy and humble dependence.

3. I learned a greater awareness of God’s amazing work all around me

Oh friends, if I could convince you to read this book for even one reason it would be this! When you get to know the heart of God, you start seeing His amazing hand at work in all of your life. This has made me grow in my adoration of God and desire to please Him in all areas of my life because He is so amazing!! God tenderly cares for His children and is working His sovereign plan in our lives for our good. Did you get that part? For our good. How unbelievable that the God of the universe cares about little old me, and little old you.


So…. I just started reading A Praying Life again, and if you want a book buddy, and to read it with me, simply comment below!! I would LOVE to have you read it with me, and I know you will be encouraged.

You can pick up your copy here.





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