Thred Up {Review} what I bought, what I paid, why I love it

A few weeks ago, my friend told me about a company named Thred UP, where you can order gently used clothing online.

I did a short little review video below where you can see what I bought, what I paid and my overall impression of Thred Up.

Also, they have a really cool referral system for everyone who buys from them!

For $10 off your first order, just sign up using my referral code -and I get $10 to use too, yay, thank you!>>>


Wilder wearing some of the clothes I got – I think he likes them!


Ever since I watched the The True Cost documentary, and started researching where most clothing comes from, I’ve tried to make different choices and shop more according to my conscience by supporting ethical shops, local shops, or buying used clothing so I’m not directly contributing to the clothing crisis.


For the most part, I don’t like shopping! So when I found a company where I could buy gently used clothing online without leaving my house, I was excited to give it a try!


I really like this company and plan to use them again! Have any of you used them? What did you think?


thred-up-review-suzy-vandyke_003 thred-up-review-suzy-vandyke_007

thred-up-review-suzy-vandyke_010 thred-up-review-suzy-vandyke_011




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