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My Food Philosophy

I could tell you about the time my husband decided to eat nothing but beans & rice for a month. “That’s all people eat in third world countries,” he casually explained.

Or I could tell you about the three months I didn’t eat wheat, corn, soy, dairy, coffee, chocolate, or meat. All at the same time.


Wilder discovering the refrigerator for the first time

I have a love hate relationship with making meals. I love eating healthy yummy food, but I don’t love spending alot of time on it.

All my life I’ve struggled with hyperinsulinemia (similar to hypoglycemia) so I can’t eat alot of junk food or sugar. I also have had food allergies. So my food journey is constantly evolving.

I’m also vegetarian.

BUT in the midst of that  I’ve developed a simple easy approach to food.

Meals should be SIMPLE, HEALTHY and under 20 minutes to prepare.

I also sparingly use wheat, corn, soy and other ultra processed foods, which is great if you’re like me looking for other options.

I’m not a chef. I’m a busy mama entrepreneur who prefers many other activities to cooking. But I DO care about healthy food. And I love helping other people come up with quick healthy food solutions! I’m excited to share and hopefully inspire you to eat clean, simple and healthy. 🙂

My hope is that these posts will be an encouraging place where we can all learn from eachother!

So what about you?? How do you approach food and meals? Do you have any tips for eating healthy or not taking hours making dinner??! Do you meal plan? Share in the comments!