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Junk Food, Movies, & Time with God

Yesterday morning I woke up early and looked out the window at the sun peeking over the lush Honduran hills. I moved my snuggly baby gently over in between two pillows, got up, and got ready to leave for the airport.

It was time to say goodbye to Honduras for now, and head back to our home in California.


For our full day of travel, I packed LOTS of snacks. Cheese, crackers, apples, and for a treat a big thing of Sour Cream and Onion Pringles.

Oh, how I was looking forward to that.

The first flight Wilder was a very busy boy and I was so thankful I had Lukas to help with all his energy!

For the second flight he had worn himself (and us) out pretty well. I was so happy when I saw his eyes starting to glaze over, and he went to sleep.

My baby was asleep?! You mean I get some time to myself?! I might even get to watch a movie?!

After entertaining him for hours the first flight, this thought was amazing. Am I the only one who really builds stuff up in their head? I was SO excited to sit there on the plane, eat my Pringles, and watch movies!

Time to myself! Junk food! Movies!

Too many Pringles later, and two action movies watched, my mind felt glazed over, and my tummy didn’t feel so good.


I had a sluggish-I-can’t-think-my-brain-hurts feeling.

After we got picked up from the airport, and we were riding in our friend’s car on the way to our house – I was thinking about how I had been SO excited to just sit there, eat my Pringles and watch movies.

I really thought it would “satisfy me”.

But at the end I didn’t feel satisfied.

Something I had looked forward to in anticipation and built up in my mind, quite frankly didn’t deliver.

Instead of feeling refreshed, rested, and rejuvenated, I kind of felt like an overstuffed slug on a log with my brain glazed over.

Have you ever indulged maybe too much in something and it didn’t really satisfy?

Have you ever thought, “If only _________”  – and then you get it, and some time later realize it didn’t solve all your problems?

This might seem like a pretty random post, but as I was sitting in the car feeling gross, wishing I hadn’t eaten so many Pringles, and wishing I hadn’t fried my brain on too many movies, it struck me:

Sometimes we look forward to something and think it will satisfy, but after we get it, we realize it didn’t.


And sometimes we do the opposite, too.

Sometimes we build something up in our heads as too hard, when in reality if we just do it, it always delivers and satisfies.

And then as I was thinking these thoughts, I thought how I sometimes do that with my relationship with God.

I go in cycles. I’ll be on a roll where I wake up every morning, and the first thing I do is spend time reading God’s Word and talking to Him.

I’m refreshed each day with God’s promises and truths; walking in His love, thinking of Him throughout the day.

But then a period of time later, I’ve dropped out of the habit of daily time with God, convincing myself in the moment what I really need is more sleep – and then my perspective on life slowly shifts back to autopilot.

Which isn’t pretty – trusting in my own strength. Getting easily irritated.  Being prone to anxiety instead of trust in the Lord.

Sometimes we think something is going to really fill our need, and it doesn’t.

And sometimes we avoid the One who really will fill all our needs.

How’s your daily time with God? How is your relationship with Him? Are you feeling satisfied or running on empty?

It’s so helpful for me to remember that my relationship with God is just that – a relationship – so how can it thrive if I’m not talking to Him all the time and spending time with Him?

I mean I wouldn’t go a week without talking or spending time with my hubby Lukas and expect everything to be all right!

Jesus says, in Matthew 11:28,

“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.”

I’m so thankful Jesus gives me rest.

And I feel like there is someone else out there who needed to be gently nudged and reminded of this with me:

Time with God each day is so, so worth it.

Right there with you <3


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