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My New Favorite Tool for 2016 {Start Planner Review}

I wear alot of hats these days, and I’m sure you do too. Business owner, mom, entrepreneur, world traveler, photographer, house manager, head chef, janitor, the list goes on and on.

If there is one thing that makes me SO EXCITED for the New Year, it’s getting a fresh start on all my goals!

And I want to introduce you to my favorite new tool for accomplishing these goals in 2016…

The Start Planner!

For entrepreneurs, busy moms, or anyone wanting to increase their productivity for the year, I truly recommend this little gem!!

I did a little video review you can check out below, or simply scroll down to check out more photos.

I met Kristy & Jenny, the founders of Start Planner, at a photography conference last year. With their quick smiles, and zeal for life and being purposeful, we instantly became friends.

I love their motto – LIVE WITH ORGANIZED INTENTION! Don’t we all crave to do that? Cheers to 2016!

start-planner-review_0002.jpgI was jumping up and down with excitement to open this box and see all these little lovely goodies!


How cute is that bag?! Perfect to reuse for my crocheting projects…





Every morning I’m motivated to get out of bed since I have a tool to really get stuff done each day! And when it’s pretty… oh, it helps. It really does. 😉



I have some really exciting new things written in this little planner, so stay tuned!!

Do you have a planner? What is your favorite thing about it that helps you? I’d love to hear!