Full Hands: Fostering in 2018

Helloooo my friends!I have not blogged regularly on this platform for awhile. In 2017 I was in survival mode with many trials (see previous post), the main one being my Dad’s rapid illness with the disease ALS, and his passing in July of 2017. Cedar was a newborn when my dad started getting sick, and I just couldn’t keep up with everything.

In 2018, Lukas and I did foster care. I intentionally chose to “microblog” over on instagram that year, because with a baby, one year old, and two year old I couldn’t make it to my computer much 😉

But I thought it would be fun to share a little bit about our foster care journey here on the blog as well! So this is a little overview of our journey. I also have videos saved under my highlites over on instagram.

In July of 2018 we got a call for a newborn little boy. It was our first foster placement and I was so excited! Lukas was headed to Honduras a few days after we got the call, but we decided to say yes anyways. He ended up not coming to us until the day that Lukas left, so I was a single mama with a newborn, one year old and two year old so it was a pretty funny week! My church stepped in and brought me meals and ladies came to help – I felt so cared for.

Our goal of getting into fostering is to ultimately be able to offer a permanent home for one or two children who are not able to be reunified with their family. This precious baby boy was described to us as most likely adoptable so it seemed like a good fit.

After a week, Lukas came home from Honduras and got to meet the little guy! And then two days later I got a call from a social worker saying he was moving to his grandparents the next day! This was my introduction to the craziness of foster care – you really just have no idea what is going to happen!

I bundled up that precious little one, and wrote him a note telling him how loved he was the first few weeks of his life, and that we would continue praying for him. I gave the note to his grandparents. They were wonderful people and we have even kept in touch a little bit.

I’ll always remember that precious little baby boy!

About a month later, we accepted a placement for a 14 month old boy. He was adorable and ended up staying with us for 3 months. This placement challenged our family in many ways. The kids were alot closer in age. There was only 7 months difference between our foster son and youngest.

It was hard emotionally for my youngest son, who felt more threatened with a kid close to his own age, and it was difficult for my husband who had a hard time bonding. Another difficulty was with timing – as entrepreneurs, our businesses presented some new challenges we had to walk through, and that added to fostering created an atmosphere that was very difficult for my husband emotionally.

Because of the difficulties of that placement, we prayerfully decided to take a break from fostering, which ended up being a break for all of 2019. The Lord graciously provided 2019 to be a year of rest, healing, growing closer as a family, and strengthening our marriage.

So, do we have plans to foster again? We would still love to adopt from foster care, and are praying about whether to start pursuing that again right now, or wait a little bit longer. So I will keep you posted!!

It is such an incredible comfort to know that God has all the details already worked out, and that He is always working for my good, the good of my husband the good of my children – and for His glory as we seek to love Him and honor Him in all things!



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