Elizabeth in Camel {Lily Jade Diaper Bag} Review

I recently received my new Lily Jade diaper bag, the Elizabeth in Camel, and I am in LOVE! I just had to share some photos with you all.


You may have seen my 10 Helpful things to Keep in Your Diaper Bag post. When I became a mom I was astonished at the number of not-so-pretty  diaper bags (Bright pink ladybugs swirling around lime green leaves?). I also didn’t like the idea of having to carry a separate clunky bag with me as well as my purse… and a baby…!

So that’s why when I was introduced to Lily Jade bags, I fell in love. This company cares about making gorgeous quality bags that are the most practical I have seen.


The Elizabeth in Camel converts from a normal shoulder carry to a backpack style carry which is nice for baby wearing and carrying.Lily-Jade-Elizabeth-in-Camel-Suzy-VanDyke-009.jpg

The outside has two large front pockets with magnetic closure, another back pocket which is perfect for carrying a book, and two side pockets. The inside has a large zipper pocket, cell phone pocket, and medium sized pocket.


Each bag also has a separate washable diaper bag insert which is perfect to leave with a babysitter, or in the church nursery.

Lily-Jade-Elizabeth-in-camel-Suzy-VanDyke_0036The other reason why I LOVE this company is that they are pro-life and pro-adoption.  Every month they send a free diaper bag as a gift to an adoptive mommy – I love that they make their company about something bigger than themselves. The adoption process is so long and tedious that I know these mamas feel so loved and encouraged when they get their bag.

**This is a sponsored post – with thoughts and opinions completely my own. I only review and endorse companies I use, love and believe in. This is one of my favorite baby gear companies!



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