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Persimmon Prints: Shop with a Message, Shop with a Cause

When I come across a small business who is doing amazing and BIG things in the world, it gets me so excited.



I posted one of these photos on social media last week and had tons of people asking me where I got this shirt.

So today I wanted to share the shirt, as well as this awesome shop, Persimmon Prints with you!

I met Kacie Feeny at the Pursuit Conference last Fall, and when I heard her story, and learned about her shop, I became an instant fan.



Kacie has clothing not only designed to encourage and point people to the Lord, but she also gives back to other organizations making a difference in the world.

She also is dedicated to ethical sourcing and business practices which makes me love her company even more.


This shirt has a special place in my heart because of this encouraging story of how I got it.

And when people ask me about the words on the front, “Love God, Love Others”, I love being able to share the amazing story of how God loves me and saved me.


I’m also working on an exciting new project with Kacie, so stay tuned!!





Easy Winter Side Dutch Braid with a Twist

Wintertime is for cozying up by the fire, long days in PJs, and hot chocolate in hand. Good books and candles flickering and lots of snuggles on the couch.

Ok, for me, snuggles are for every season ūüėČ

Here is my FAVORITE  hairstyle for December! Just check out the video above for a step by step tutorial.

easy-winter-dutch-side-braid-with-a-twist-suzy-vandyke-blogWhether you’re staying home and relaxing on the couch, or out Christmas shopping, here is a fresh go-to style where your hair will not only look great,¬†but¬†be out of your face, too!

It’s quick and simple so anyone can do it!

easy-winter-dutch-side-braid-with-a-twist-003 easy-winter-dutch-side-braid-with-a-twist-004

The “twist” on this style is my favorite part – instead of braiding all the way down, you stop a few inches before the end of your hair, right where your layers separate, and put a band in. Then you simply split your hair in two pieces, twist each one, then put another band in.

This is great for layers¬†¬†because it keeps them from¬†poking out of your braid. Another close up of “the twist” –¬†easy-winter-dutch-side-braid-with-a-twist-005