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Half Up Fishtail Braid {Hair Tutorial}

Happy Tuesday everyone!!

I’m so excited to continue sharing the hair collab project I worked on with the amazing Lauren of Hello, Darling Hair!

Each style had to be fun, sassy, easy & less than 20 minutes.

Today’s style is Day 2 of our weekly routine.
So you wake up with hair still slightly wavy from the previous day (see previous post).

You’re going to build off of of this.

Step 1:

Part hair on the side or in the middle. Grab a section of hair near your part leaving some hair between the section and your face.

Step 2:
Fishtail braid that section of hair pulling your hands toward the back of your head to angle the braid. (Watch this video for how to fishtail braid) Braid all the way down and secure with a rubber band. Pull pieces of hair to loosen the braid, and create a thicker look.

Step 3:
Create another fishtail braid in the same way, on the other side of your hair.

Step 4:
Tease back of hair if you like lots of volume. Bring fishtail braids toward the back of your head in a criss cross.

Step 4:
Secure with bobby pins tucking the ends of your braids under the opposite braid.

Step 5: 
Walk out the door feeling sassy & fresh!

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Thanks Jasmine Kalfayan for the pics!

Easy Overnight Waves {Hair Tutorial}

I’m so excited to share a project I got to work on with one of my favorite hairstylists, Lauren of Hello, Darling Hair!

I asked Lauren to help me create a weekly hair routine that was easy, sassy & fun. I am SO excited at what we came up with!!!

This is the beginning of the series so I will show you what to do at each step, and then we will put each style together in a weekly routine at the end!

overnight-waves-700pxStep 1:
After you wash your hair, let it air dry leading up to bed time. Put a little mousse in.

Step 2:
With barely damp hair, twist it up into a bun for bedtime using a hair tie and bobby pins. (If it’s too wet it won’t be dry in the morning)

Step 3:
Wake up in the morning with wavy hair. Pull out a curling iron (1.5-2in.) to touch up the front pieces.

Step 4:
Run out the door looking sassy and fresh!

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Thanks Jasmine Kalfayan for the pics!

8 Awesome Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day + Giveaway!

GIVEAWAYCan you believe Mother’s Day is just around the corner again?! Last year was my first mother’s day, and it was such a precious time.

Wilder “gave” me a very special locket, and a hand written note with his hand prints on them. I know, he was quite advanced for 4 months 😉

Today I wanted to share with you some shops that might have the perfect present for your mom or yourself (wink wink, share this post with the hubby!?)

I personally know all of these amazing shop owners and appreciate how they take pains for ethical production and sustainability. Many of them have their proceeds give back to the community and support good causes, which I will also share below!

AND – we have all teamed up for an amazing instagram GIVEAWAY for you!! (Scroll to the bottom for details)

1. Flax and Wool Kids
Paige has just launched her new shop and I couldn’t be more excited!! Well known for her cute and affordable moccasins, she has now added the cutest rompers, dresses, and playsuits that are perfect for your little one for summer! Check out her shop here!
8-awesome-gift-ideas-for-mothers-day-suzy-vandyke_0005 8-awesome-gift-ideas-for-mothers-day-suzy-vandyke_0002

2. Ellery Mae Candle Co
Oh my goodness these handcrafted 100% soy candles are to die for! I especially need to get my hands on the new Citrus & Champagne one – who doesn’t want a new fresh smelling candle for summer?! Check out Janelle’s shop here!
8-awesome-gift-ideas-for-mothers-day-suzy-vandyke_0004 8-awesome-gift-ideas-for-mothers-day-suzy-vandyke_0003

3. Andrea Lorene & Co
Andrea has a passion for not only making gorgeous hand crafted jewelry, but for inspiring women with messages of encouragement, love, and faith. I adore some of her newer pieces that incorporate a lava stone, which is a natural diffuser bead! So all you do is put a drop of your favorite essential oil on it to feel uplifted all day! Check out her shop here!
8-awesome-gift-ideas-for-mothers-day-suzy-vandyke_0008 8-awesome-gift-ideas-for-mothers-day-suzy-vandyke_0012

4. Wild and Free Supply
Some of you may not know this, but while my husband Lukas and I were in Honduras this past year, our hearts were breaking at the amount of poverty we encountered due to lack of jobs. So we decided to open up shop and give some good people good jobs so that they can help put food on the table for their families! Check out our shop here!



5. Grace & Salt
Justin & Keary Cheney recently got back from Uganda with their two beautiful children and their shop helps support their adoption! They have a variety of beautiful pieces you definitely want to check out here!



6. Cynthia Jaquez/ Young Living Essential Oils
Almost everyone has heard of essential oils, but Mother’s Day just might be the perfect time to get some oils into your life and check out what the fuss is all about! I just love Cynthia’s enthusiasm for health, and heart to help others.  She uses her business to partner with a missionary or cause driven organization every other month and gifts them 50% of her earning to support their mission- how amazing is that?!  Check her out here!

7. Jjajjababy
I just found this shop and got to meet the amazing owner, and not only do I adore her products, but I love her heart! 25% of all her sales go to help her grandkid’s adoption from Uganda. Check out her shop here!

Aren’t these the cutest wooden teething rings?!

8. Mama Sew Happy
Amber creates modern, functional, high quality and stylish apparel and I personally adore her bibdanas! They were such a lifesaver while Wilder was in the drooly baby stage. Everything is handmade with love right here in California. Check out her shop here!

To enter the instagram giveaway, simply follow the steps on my instagram account, @suzyvandyke

Giveaway includes: Mustard playsuit from Flax and Wool Kids, Citrus & Champagne soy candle from Ellery Mae Candle Co, Lava Bead diffuser necklace from Andrea Lorene & Co, Rustic Wallet from Wild & Free Supply, Blush Ombre Paper Bead Necklace from Grace & Salt, Lavender Oil from Cynthia Jaquez, and a Mint and Coral Arrows Jersey Swaddle Blanket from Jjajja Baby Co.