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Christmas Tree Shopping

OOOOHHHH how fun it is to get ready for the holiday season when you have two little cutie pies with you! This year we got a tree right after Thanksgiving and it was so much fun snapping a few photos. My favorite: the way Lukas’ face lights up when Wilder hugs him around the neck. The giggles Wilder gave us as he ran through the trees. And of course my snuggle bug wrapped up close to me. <3


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7 Christmas Tradition Ideas for your Family

A few days ago, some of you shared with me your special traditions for Christmas. From Wrapping Paper snowball fights, to Finger Foods around the Christmas tree, these are holiday traditions that are sure to make your heart happy. I’m so excited to share some of these ideas with you just in time for the Holiday!

I know I’m definitely going to be using some of these this year… 🙂


  1. Surprise your Neighbors with Freshly Baked Goods (make them with your kids!)

“My family makes homemade almond roca for our local friends and neighbors. We adopted this tradition and added to it. We do a version of ding dong ditch (we call it ding dong dash…ing through the snow) and we drive around to deliver it leaving it on their doorsteps. We thought it’d get more and more fun as the kids get older and take turns ringing the doorbell and jumping into the car. We usually grab a warm Starbucks first. ?” – the Dalton Family

“We make cinnamon roll wreathes and pass them out to neighbors and friends, one year I made 28!! It is a Casebolt tradition smile emoticon Also we hang stars instead of stockings, a VanDyke tradition 🙂 Christmas morning we set the table really fancy with table clothe and crystal and best dishes and have a big breakfast with cinnamon rolls and eggs and sparkling Orange juice and read the story of Christs birth all as a prequel to opening presents, Casebolt thing. Shishkabobs on Christmas Eve, Van Dyke thing 🙂 ” – the Casebolt Family

2. Read  Christmas Children’s Books Together as a Family

“That’s what my mom would do with us as kids, wrap all of the Christmas books up and for the 12 days before Christmas each night we would get to pick one to open and read. It was a lot of fun to get to unwrap things and see which favorite story we got to read each night. Definitely plan on doing it when I have kids.” – Megan


We do books from the library! Its free and just as fun to unwrap the surprise” – the Davis Family


“We always read The Grinch and Polar Express together and then we’d watch the movies. Even though the kids are teens now they still want to cuddle up together and watch our annual movies.” – Mauss Family


“We do Christmas Pjs! We love our advent calendar and we do new books under the trees to countdown and add to our bedtime library. ”  – the Schoeplin Family


3. Drive around and look at Christmas Lights in your PJs!

“We put on pajamas and driving around to look at Christmas lights! 🙂  Eating a special finger food meal under the tree. A Christmas puzzle + freshly baked chocolate chip cookies.” – the Larsen Family

4. Have a Special Christmas Food for Christmas Eve and Christmas Morning

“Cutting out snowflakes to hang around the house, Christmas Eve pjs and a new book, French toast casserole Christmas morning.” – the Keen Family

“Monkey Bread on Christmas morning… It’s the only time of year we make it so it’s a major treat! And I look forward to it every year!” – the Coulter Family

“Make lasagna for Christmas Eve dinner” – Stein Family



5. Share with Your Kids the Meaning of Christmas in a Special Way

“My mom makes her Happy birthday Jesus cake (vanilla wafer cake=deliciousness) and we sing “Happy Birthday” to our Lord, blow out His candle and enjoy some cake together. I have done this since I was a little girl and now we do it with our kids and the cousins.” – the Torres Family 

“The only tradition we have made for our own family is that we have a life size manger and baby jesus doll that is the first gift under the tree.” – Martinez Family

“We have a plush advent calendar for Adalee, and every night before bed she gets to help us put the nativity scene together while we explain each part and the significance. It’s a great way to keep kids focused on the reason for the season! ” – the Moore Family


“Before the boys open presents, we hide baby Jesus (it’s a tiny little sculpture of baby Jesus wrapped in a blanket). The boys have to go find him…..and when one of them does, we share about his birth and why he came, who he was, what he did….and go over the entire gospel story of salvation and redemption. It sets the tone for why we celebrate the birth of Christ and Christmas and that it’s not all about the gifts. He is the greatest gift of all! It’s such a fun tradition, especially when the kiddos are young…they all want to be the one to find baby Jesus!” – the Patton Family

“We do advent during our dinner time throughout the month and as Christmas cards start coming in we close advent by praying for the families whose cards we received that day. Or if we get a bunch at once we spread it out over a few days.” – Talcott Family


6. Keep your Kids Happy AND Get a Little More Sleep

“So in our family Christmas morning kids come down to presents from Santa – these aren’t wrapped, and aren’t in any sort of packaging, since they come straight from Santas workshop. Those Santa presents and whatever is left in your stocking is fair game whatever time you wake up BUT you can’t wake up mom and dad and you CANT unwrap any gifts under the tree. Mom and Dad wake up when they feel ready and come down to put on the coffee and start baking our traditional cinnamon rolls for breakfast. When everyone has had breakfast we all settle in on the couch and Daddy reads the Christmas story aloud. We invested in a really beautiful pop up book that tells the story by piecing together verses from the different gospel accounts. It’s our favorite tradition. AFTER we’ve read story and thanked God for the true gift of Christmas, then we can open the gifts under the tree.” – the Tait Family

“The kids can’t get out of bed before they smell the cinnamon rolls!”
 – the Morgan Family

7. Have a Special Christmas Item that you update every year

“When Jake was one, I splurged on a red velvet tree skirt from Pottery Barn. I traced his tiny hand and stitched it in the skirt with his name & year. Every year I trace all my kids hands and stitch them in the skirt with their names & year. I LOVE looking at it when I put it out every December and see how big their hands are getting.” – the Brooke Family


“Pick up plaster Christmas houses from Michaels and hand paint them to collect as a village over time. My husbands mom started it with him as a child and it’s funny to see the progressive of the houses as he grew up.” – Selena

“One that Adam and I started last year was giving each other an ornament that represented the year as a whole or a favorite memory” – the Daw Family

“We do a new ornament for each kid and one for us each year.” – Swiggett Family


What about you? What are some of your Favorite Christmas Traditions you’re excited about this year?!