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Half Up Braided Messy Bun {Hair Tutorial}

Hi Everyone!!

We are continuing our weekly hair routine today with day 4 in the series!

So we’ve already gone through:

Day #1 –  Easy Overnight Waves
Day #2- Half Up Fishtail
Day #3 – Half Up Side Fishtail

And Day #4’s style is the Half Up Braided Messy Bun!! Thank you Lauren for helping me come up with this weekly hair schedule, and Jasmine for taking the photos!!

So continuing with the last hairstyle, the Half Up Side Fishtail – you can easily turn this into a new style by undoing your braid and pulling your hair into a messy bun!!

Now I know your half up braid is going to be pretty messy at this point, but that’s ok cause that’s the look we’re going for with this style!

Step 1:
Wake up with hair already in the Half Up Side Fishtail from the day before.

Step 2:
Undo side braid gently.

Step 3:
Pull loose hair together at the nape of your neck. With a strong hair band, pull half your hair through, then twist and pull the rest through.

Step 4:
Secure with bobby pins. You’ll probably need ALOT of bobbies! 😉 Secure the poking out pieces on your half up style as well.

Enjoy running out the door with this quick, simple, sassy hairstyle!!!

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Half Up Fishtail Braid {Hair Tutorial}

Happy Tuesday everyone!!

I’m so excited to continue sharing the hair collab project I worked on with the amazing Lauren of Hello, Darling Hair!

Each style had to be fun, sassy, easy & less than 20 minutes.

Today’s style is Day 2 of our weekly routine.
So you wake up with hair still slightly wavy from the previous day (see previous post).

You’re going to build off of of this.

Step 1:

Part hair on the side or in the middle. Grab a section of hair near your part leaving some hair between the section and your face.

Step 2:
Fishtail braid that section of hair pulling your hands toward the back of your head to angle the braid. (Watch this video for how to fishtail braid) Braid all the way down and secure with a rubber band. Pull pieces of hair to loosen the braid, and create a thicker look.

Step 3:
Create another fishtail braid in the same way, on the other side of your hair.

Step 4:
Tease back of hair if you like lots of volume. Bring fishtail braids toward the back of your head in a criss cross.

Step 4:
Secure with bobby pins tucking the ends of your braids under the opposite braid.

Step 5: 
Walk out the door feeling sassy & fresh!

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Thanks Jasmine Kalfayan for the pics!

Easy Overnight Waves {Hair Tutorial}

I’m so excited to share a project I got to work on with one of my favorite hairstylists, Lauren of Hello, Darling Hair!

I asked Lauren to help me create a weekly hair routine that was easy, sassy & fun. I am SO excited at what we came up with!!!

This is the beginning of the series so I will show you what to do at each step, and then we will put each style together in a weekly routine at the end!

overnight-waves-700pxStep 1:
After you wash your hair, let it air dry leading up to bed time. Put a little mousse in.

Step 2:
With barely damp hair, twist it up into a bun for bedtime using a hair tie and bobby pins. (If it’s too wet it won’t be dry in the morning)

Step 3:
Wake up in the morning with wavy hair. Pull out a curling iron (1.5-2in.) to touch up the front pieces.

Step 4:
Run out the door looking sassy and fresh!

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Thanks Jasmine Kalfayan for the pics!