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We’re Going to Honduras!

This past year has been an interesting transition for me and Lukas. Last year we traveled a ton while I was pregnant. Then having a baby. Becoming parents.

As we have been seeking God’s will for our future, the Lord has given us an awesome opportunity to  serve Him that I’m so excited to tell you about!


In just one month, we will be leaving for a two month trip to help some of our friends at a church plant in HONDURAS!!

Our friends the Pattersons have helped plant a church in the small village of El Buen Pastor (The Good Shepherd). There are approximately 1,500 people living in this farming community, and the average annual household income is $1,300.

Just to give you an idea of what it’s like there – the homes are constructed of adobe and are usually built with two detached rooms. The first room is a kitchen with a wood burning stove made of clay. The other room is the bedroom. Everyone in the family shares this room, but it might have cardboard or curtain dividers. Usually the parents and one child will have a bed. The rest of the children sleep on the floor.

The village just received electricity in June 2012. This year the government added classes for the children up to 8th grade. If children want to continue their education, they move to another town and live with friends or relatives.

There was no evangelical presence in the village prior to 2011 when the Pattersons and another church helped plant a church, and started teaching the Bible, and building relationships. The Lord has graciously saved a handful of people!!


Lukas will be helping with some photo needs, carpentry, and discipleship. I’m excited to be teaching and loving on the teen girls in El Buen Pastor each Sunday. Wilder is excited to bring joy to everyone around him and serve in that way. 😉 We will also be exploring some coffee plantations and orphanages.

People have been asking us if they can donate to help with our trip or give money in some way. While we are super blessed to be able to fund this trip ourselves, we want to help raise support for a need in the community.

We would LOVE to help raise money to build a church building in El Buen Pastor! And possibly have a clinic and Children’s Nutrition Center in the future.

If that is something you would like to be a part of, you can check out their support page here!

We are looking for other ways to help raise money for this project so if you have any ideas or want to help please let me know! We appreciate your prayers.


Our Road Trip to Alaska

Just a few weeks ago, Lukas, Wilder & I flew to Seattle, Washington, hopped in an RV with our friends, Liz & Ryan, of the Amazing Life Together, and made the long trek of mystery north until we hit Anchorage, Alaska.

When I was a little girl, my dad told me stories of when he was stationed with the Navy in Alaska. I also heard stories of my uncle driving to Alaska on a long road that at some points wasn’t even paved. Alaska always seemed like such a mysterious place for me.

True Wilderness.


So I was so excited that we had the opportunity to make this drive! Going from Washington, to British Columbia, to the Yukon and finally Alaska was an exhilerating experience. The gorgeous landscape slowly changed and morphed as we drove along. If you ever get the opportunity to do this drive, I recommend it!

Starting out in Seattle




Mcleese Lake, British Columbia





Random friend sighting!! Scott & Elise of Hey Sweet Pea! Sometimes a picnic in the back of a truck is all you need to end your day.


Daddy snuggles on the road

One of our gorgeous campsites along the way. We picnicked by the river, so wonderful.




Sign Post Forest!


We finally hit the Yukon! LOVED the gorgeous scenery. You have these dark evergreens, and ice blue rivers swirling towards deep purple mountains in the background.




Kluane Lake, Yukon. A place where the water and sky meld together like one object.









Thank you Liz & Ryan for these photos of us!


Ryan made the BEST salmon I’ve ever had!

Ok. I TOTALLY freaked out when we saw these Moose! Little baby moose on the left! People say moose are weird looking, but I still think they are cute!





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How to Camp with a Baby

How in the world do you camp with a baby? Is it even possible??!

how to camp with a baby

When Wilder was three months old we posted photos of us camping at the beach.

My facebook inbox started filling up with all sorts of questions about how we did it, and asking if we had any tips.

We LOVE camping and I am so excited to share some tips I’ve come up with to help make camping with your little one easier!

1. Adjust your expectations

Camping with a baby is going to be different than camping by yourself. Depending on how old your baby is, what stage they are going through, and how they are feeling when you are on your trip, your baby may be really easy or fussier than normal.

Expect that, and just go with the flow! It can still be a ton of fun!

On Wilder’s first camping trip, I was shocked to find that he was actually even EASIER than when he was at home because he loved seeing so many different things and being held all the time. He didn’t even want to come home!

2. Adjust your normal camping activity schedule

Maybe when you usually camp, you wake up at dawn for a long jog, take a hot shower, and then make breakfast. Now that you have a baby, you’re going to wake up and nurse, nurse, nurse. 😉  Feeding your baby, changing them, and getting them ready will take some time.

Also don’t plan a full day of intense activities. Instead of three hikes, plan one and see how that goes before adding more activities.

Pay attention to how your baby is taking the activities and make sure they get the naps they need.

3. Know your baby’s routine

Knowing your baby’s routine is probably the biggest tip I have for camping parents. For Wilder, we had him on an eat, wake, sleep routine at home so when we were camping he was very predictable.

If your baby usually has a nice long nap from 10am-12pm, make sure you build that nap time in to hang low at your campsite. Think of when your baby is the most awake and alert and plan that time to be your main hike or other activity.

When Wilder was 3 months old, he was most happy and awake after his second feeding of the day. So we would plan our main hike during that time and be back in time for his next nap.


4. Bring a good carrier

For one of my camping trips I only had my wrap (which I LOVE) but Wilder was 5 months old and had just entered a stage where he REALLY wanted to face forward and look around. He kept craning the whole time trying to turn around and see everything. Now I have the Lillebaby Complete airflow which I love because he can face forward and it’s cool.


I think if your baby is really little a wrap might be all you need. Make sure you are comfortable wearing your baby at home before you go on your hike!

5. Bring a baby basket, peapod, or other baby bed

When Wilder was little he slept in a Moses basket at home, so we just brought that on our camping trips.

Even if you use a crib at home, I would recommend having something separate that is safe for your baby to sleep in unless your baby is used to sleeping with you the whole night. Wilder loved having his own little place to sleep, toss and turn.

We recently got the peapod and I have really loved it for traveling because it folds so small! It’s recommended for babies one year and older so if you have a little one maybe look for other options.

6. Dress baby in layers

When you’re out in the wild, temperatures can vary a great deal throughout the day. On our Yosemite summer camping trip, we woke up one morning to snow! Bring clothes that baby can be cool in, like onesies, or t shirts, and things that will make him a bit warmer like a baby hoodie,  or heavy jacket depending where you are. Remember pants and socks you can layer as well. I preferred baby sweat pants so he could  wear two at a time if he needed to.

Think about where you are camping, check the weather, and plan accordingly. Think through the days you will be camping and make a list of what baby might need to be warm or cool.

7. Use a camping chair for nursing  or feeding baby in your tent

This was huge for me! It means I didn’t only have to nurse laying down. We just used one of the foldup camping chairs we already had and I kept it set up in a corner of our tent.

8. Bring a baby medicine bag

I have a little ziploc bag all ready to go for all my travels that contains infant tylenol (make sure you know dosage), syringe, thermometer, saline drops, and the Frida’s snotsucker for congestion.

9. Keep an extra eye on baby while you play

Pebbles! Pinecones! Bugs! So many things a little baby could choke on. So just keep an extra eye on him while he is playing in the grass.

Or if you’re camping at the beach be careful he doesn’t grab a handful of sand and dump it in his eyes… can you tell that happened to me? 🙂

10. Carry extra water and snacks as a nursing mama

If you’re nursing YOU NEED LOTS AND LOTS OF WATER. So for every hike pack a water bottle for every hour you will be gone! At least!

You will also need calories throughout the day so pack nuts, fruit, cheese sticks, and other good snacks for your hiking and adventuring.

I hope this was helpful!! Have you ever camped with your baby? What worked for you? I would love to hear any tips you have for camping with a baby in the comments!









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