5 Baby Tips for the Adventurous On-the-Go Mama

I’m a photographer, an entrepreneur, actively involved in my church, and I own a couple other small businesses that keep me busy. I also love to travel and go on adventures.

I’m also a mama to a busy one year old -my favorite (& hardest!) job 🙂


Last year, we traveled to South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, Kentucky, Tennessee, Washington, British Columbia, the Yukon, Alaska, Nevada, Arizona, and Honduras.

All with a baby.

From August through December of last year I wasn’t home for more than  2 weeks at a time… that’s 5 months of travel.


People ask me all the time how I do it… but to be honest, I think of all the amazing mamas out there with like 5 kids, and wonder how THEY do it! I mean I only have one, and I’m not running around to soccer practice. But at the same time, I do work from home, and I do travel alot as you can see!

I definitely don’t think I have all the answers, but if you like to adventure, you’re always on the go, and you have a baby, I hope these tips help you out!


  1. Use a wrap or baby carrier

    When Wilder was tiny, 0-6months, I always used my wrap. I have the Sollybaby and I love it because it is so light weight and I feel like I’m just wearing a t shirt.  Does your newborn not like the baby wrap? Give it time! They have to get used to it. And make sure you’re using it correctly.

    Another tip for using your wrap – wrap it on you at home before you go to the store, so that you don’t have to do it in the parking lot and let the ends of the wrap touch the ground.


    When Wilder started getting bigger, and more curious, I started using the Lillebaby complete airflow carrier because he loves being front facing. (I picked the airflow because I live in a year round warm climate)I love it! I always keep my Lillebaby in the car so it’s ready to go! I have a pacifier clipped to it so I always have one handy.

    Strollers are fine for some things, but I’ve found that babywearing is SO much quicker for being an on-the-go mama. I don’t have to pull it out, set it up, and strap him in. He just goes with me (and I get a little work out 😉  )

    One time I was traveling out of state by myself with baby, and I tried to take my stroller to the airport with me to see if I liked it better than just baby wearing. It was the worst mistake I ever made! Well, not really haha. But I absolutely hated it! It took forever finding all the elevators, I had to wait in line with all the wheelchairs, and one of the pieces of my stroller broke off. At one point I ended up holding Wilder, folding up the stroller, and carrying it AND my carry on just so I could use an escalator.

    If you love using your stroller at the airport and it works for you great! But I think I am just so used to the ease of babywearing! Now when I have multiple kids we’ll see what happens… 😉


  2. Get a good nursing cover for on the go nursing

    I’ve nursed on the beach, in the car, at the airport, in a restaurant, you name it. For our lifestyle, I didn’t want to feel like I couldn’t keep going just because I had a baby. I also didn’t want to always run to the car for feeding. So I love having a simple handy cover that fits in my diaper bag!

    I have this one from Target, but there are plenty out there. One reason I love the style of mine is because I can naturally see baby’s face and there’s more airflow because of the rigiflex neckline.

  3. Teach your baby to sleep through noise

    From day one, we didn’t close baby’s door during nap time, or make the room dark, or anything like that. He got used to having random noise and can now sleep in the car, on the plane, in his car seat at a restaurant, or at a friend’s house.


    Now, he isn’t perfect every time, but now he knows it’s sleepy time when we give him his special blanky and put him down. When people are at my house, they are frequently amazed that I can just put him down and walk away when it’s nap time.

  4. Know your baby’s routine/ schedule so you can plan errands accordingly

    For the first nine months or so, we used the Babywise schedule so Wilder was nursing every 3 or so hours and we had him on the Eat, Wake, Sleep routine. That was so helpful cause I always knew what was next, what he needed, and he was always full and happy.

    Even if you’re not super into “scheduling” your baby will fall into a natural schedule, so learn them, so you know what they need throughout the day and can plan to be out and about when they are rested, full, and happy.


  5. Keep your diaper bag always packed and ready to go, and in it’s place

    Keep it stashed with plenty of snacks, water or whatever you are giving your baby depending on their age, plenty of diapers, wipes, rash cream, toys, 2 extra outfits, and disposable bags for soiled diapers. Find what works for you.

    Here are 10 things I keep in my diaper bag . This was when Wilder was exclusively nursing so now I need to add snacks in there! Wilder is 14 months now, and I’ve found that cheerios can keep him entertained and sitting happily on my lap for a long time, so when I’m in a restaurant it’s awesome!

    Also make sure you have a place your diaper bag goes so you can always find it. A shelf in the closet in baby’s room, in the closet by the front door, etc. The last thing you need when you’re running out the door is to have to spend a ton of time looking for it!


Hopefully these 5 tips will help you be able to go out there and do what you do best – adventure!!! 😀

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What about you? Do you have any other helpful tips for on the go mamas?



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