10 Helpful Things to Keep in Your Diaper Bag

Happy Tuesday friends! 🙂

Late last night, Lukas, Wilder and I got in to Louisville KY where we have a few photo events in the next week. It is SO beautiful here!! This morning we did our favorite thing, sat on the front porch overlooking the hundreds of acres of rolling fields, sipping our steaming hot coffee. Wilder played next to us in the grass with a friendly farm kitty.

So today I am sharing from the beautiful bluegrass state!!

I’ve been very excited to share some more practical momma posts. One thing people ask me about all the time is my diaper bag. So I thought today I would share what’s in my bag, and which brand I love!


Before I had a baby, I remember thinking two things about diaper bags. One, why do they have to be so ugly (I’m sorry I don’t mean to be mean, but for real!)? And two, how in the world do moms carry a purse, a diaper bag AND their baby everywhere?!

Then I found and fell in love with the perfect diaper bag for me. Lily Jade diaper bags… they look like regular purses – because they are! Each bag is in of itself, a gorgeous leather purse, and then they have a diaper bag insert that fits right on top.




So for me, it’s perfect because I carry all of my regular purse-ey things at the bottom, and then my diaper bag is ready to go on top. Another nice thing is when I have a babysitter or drop Wilder off in the church nursery, I can just take the insert out and still have my purse to use.


So what do I keep in my diaper bag?!


10 Helpful Things to Keep in Your Diaper Bag

1. Extra Diapers

  • Of course right? I usually keep two extra cloth diapers with me. If I’m traveling for days, I’ll do disposable.

2. Wipes

  • I like Babyganics or Honest Wipes but lately I’ve been using any cheap  fragrance free wipes with a snap lid so it doesn’t open while I’m traveling!

3. Wet Bag

  • Here is the one I have from the Pat a Cake Baby. I use a small one for my purse. If you don’t cloth diaper you could just use some plastic bags.

4. Blanket

  • The one pictured here is just a cheap one from Target with a cute print 😉 but my favorite are Aden & Anais muslin blankets. I used them for everything when Wilder was little!

5. Diaper Rash Cream

  • I hardly ever need rash cream at home since we use cloth, but when I’m on the go I like to have some handy. This California Baby rash cream is a good size for travel and has good ingredients.

6. Hand Sanitizer Spray

7. Toy to chew on

  • Sophie la Girafe – Why is this the trendy toy?! Haha! But babies sure do love it! Ours is named “Spot”.  🙂

8. Extra Onesie

9. Baby Wrap

  • I love my Solly Baby Wrap! It folds so small. You never know when you need it!

10. Nursing Cover

  • I travel, alot! So I nurse on the go all the time and I feel most comfortable in any situation with this handy thing. 😉


And here is what I keep in the purse part! Mints, sunglasses, my wallet, a snack, my phone & my iphone tripod 😉



What about you? Any must-have items in your diaper bag that I missed??

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